High Quality Stem Lessons

High Quality Stem Lessons

Ben Auger

We’d like to spotlight and say thanks to Mr. Ben Auger for his ongoing support.  Ben is from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, just west of Philadelphia. 


Ben earned an MBA from Cornell University and has made his living as a businessman and an investor.    He became interested in eastern Kentucky when a company called Kentucky River Coal (Now KY River Properties) caught his eye in the 1970’s.  Never one to invest without a thorough investigation, Ben came to Hazard to check out this potential investment and fell in love with this region’s beauty and its people.  He fondly recalls his drives through the hills of eastern Kentucky during his visits, the unique experiences he had when he traveled underground to check out mining operations, and the conversations he had with coal miners.  He liked what he saw in Kentucky River Coal, eastern Kentucky, and its people and decided to make that investment…….an investment which he still holds today. 


Ben became a Challenger Learning Center donor and supporter in 2017.  We sat down with him in Mid-September to ask him a few questions for our spotlight. 

I was always interested in learning but not school. I needed to focus on something real rather than theoretical.  I think a lot of kids are like that and the Challenger Center uses practical, real-world methods of teaching and learning.
— Ben Auger