20 Years of Excellence

The Mission Continues


The Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky was founded in 1999 as part of the Challenger Center Network, which today boasts over 40 centers around the world. We were the first center outside of a major city, and the first to serve a totally rural area. After almost 20 years of missions, summer programs, school outreach, and other events, the CLCKY is working as hard as ever on its mission to bring hands-on STEAM education to students in Eastern Kentucky and beyond! Please consider visiting our DONATION page to help support the center in this mission. 

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The History of the Challenger Network and of the CLCKY is an amazing one. We hope by sharing it we will inspire others to reach for the stars.



John Goodlette - Hazard Native and NASA Engineer

John David Goodlette was born in Hazard, KY on November 14, 1925, the middle child of Dudley and Lillian Goodlette. At a young age he had a passion for flight and dreamed of designing planes. He would often assemble model aircraft and his hobbies would later expand to include piloting gliders and small aircraft. This sparked an interest in engineering at an early age. Later in life he would go on to become a highly successful engineer who worked extensively in aerodynamics and rocketry, specifically with the Titan rocket and Viking Mars landers.

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