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Simulated Missions

Entirely Unforgettable

The Challenger Center is best known for our simulated missions. Students get the chance to take part in a fully hands-on simulation of one of several space missions. From Rendezvousing with a comet to establishing a Martian colony, our missions offer a truly out of this world experience.

Our missions are not just fun and engaging for students, we also work hard to impart useful, applicable STEM education to our "crew". Recently, we worked alongside a committee of two dozen local teachers and school administrators to update our mission curriculum. This ensures that our STEM-focused missions align directly with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Kentucky education standards.

Since our opening in 1999, we have flown over 5000 missions with everyone from local elementary schools to business leaders from state-leading companies. Contact us to see how your class or group can benefit from a Challenger mission experience.

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Schedule a Visit is an online repository for activities, projects, and pre- or post-mission lessons designed to enhance your Challenger experience.

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In Rendezvous with a Comet astronauts onboard the Space Station work with their counterparts in Mission Control and are tasked with sending a probe to intercept and collect new data on a comet.  They work as scientists and engineers as part of a continuing study of our Solar System.  New pre-mission lesson plans incorporate the engineering design model into preparation for their simulated mission.   

In Voyage to Mars students will serve as the first settlers in a permanent base on Mars where they will collect and analyze a number of planetary samples and data.  This information is vital to scientists and explorers for a better understanding of their mission. 

In Return to the Moon our crew is tasked with establishing a permanent Lunar colony, and are the first lunar explorers since Apollo 17 in 1972. The Challenger Crew must work together to work through the challenges encountered on the Lunar surface.