First Mission of the Season

Thank you to Hazard Middle School as our first mission of the 2018-2019 School year (Mission patch below).  On the 30th of August, a crew of 16 completed a hypothetical mission in space.  After a simulated launch into space, the students ran every part of the mission, from ground control to experiments in a space station. 

While they set out to run some tests on familiar Comet Enke, they discovered an unidentified body.  Through a few experiments, they were able to determine this object was an entirely new Comet they promptly named "Bulldogs18."  The mission ended with the building and launching a probe that would land on Bulldogs18 and give us more information on our new heavenly entity.

The mission was a great start to the School year and we hope to see more groups of students throughout.

The Crew manifest included Ms. Maggard (teacher), Kloe F, Abby B, Hunter R, Kamylla D, Sydney S, Jayden G, Ian R, Kainen B, Caiden N, McKenzie, Haileyy C, Evan A, Kayden, Amerika, Destiny, Samuel S, and Shiquan.

For more information on this mission and others visit our Simulated Missions page.

CLCRC3000 Mission Patch.jpg
Charles Bush